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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jose Mourinho leaves Chelsea

Jose Mourinho leaves Chelsea
Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has sensationally left Stamford Bridge by mutual consent - according to leading websites like Sky Sports and BBC

... and this has now been confirmed by Chelsea.

Just yesterday club mouthpiece Peter Kenyon was saying "Mourinho is key to glory" (see this BBC article) so lets see how quickly they spin doctor that piece.

It seems to me that the spat with Andrei Shevchenko yesterdau in Chelsea's 1-1 draw has angered owner Roman Abramovich and caused a showdown.

Abramovich has long been known to be unhappy with the negative style of football that Chelsea have been playing with - he wants the team to win with style - although that's a huge order in today's modern football game.

Abrimovich may be casting an envious glance at the type of football being played up the road to the Emirates Stadium perhaps?

But this move makes little sense mid-season - and the Russian billionaire may find himself owning a disorganised team that is overly defensive - and suddenly stops winning as well.

A poor decision all around I think and I expect to be reading "Chelsea Crisis" headlines for the next few weeks.