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Thursday, September 06, 2007

US Open : Oops Serena's done it again

US open tennisI don't write about tennis too often - as despite being a recreational player - I find it a difficult sport to watch with any enthusiasm.

However, I notice that once again Serena Williams has displayed a graceless and classless performance in her post-match interview after being beaten 7-6 6-1 in the quarter-finals by Justine Henin.
Serena - such a 3 year old child
Sullen Serena. Snippy Serena. Snarly Serena - these were the headlines afterwards as Williams seems to think that if she can't get headlines for winning games then she will be the "bad girl" to get publicity.

Yet of course she'll chase the media soon - to sell endorsements, books, and anything else to make a buck. You can't have it both ways girl.

Anyway - ignoring the sad sulky loser - we now get back to the tennis news on court - and it's the business end of the tournament with Roger Federer the standout $1.30 favourite in the mens event, while on the Womens side the two favourites are Justine Henin (1.86) and Venus Williams (3.50) who are due to clash in the first semi-final.

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(interestingly it was the same player - and the same reaction that last caused me to post on tennis - click the tennis label below to see how she handled her exit at Wimbledon)