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Friday, October 17, 2014

German fans try to help their team find their way to goal .. funny video!

If your team hasn't scored for five games in a row - perhaps they need some help? Take a look at some German fans "helping hand" to their team in this short video!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Will Qatar host the World Cup in 2022? Bet on it at MyBet!

There's been a lot of controversy after the FIFA's decision to give the World Cup 2022 to Qatar and chances are it won't ever take place in the country of the sheikhs.

MyBet have stepped in and are offering odds on whether Qatar will host the World Cup in 2022 - and also offer a second market on exactly which country will host the event.

The interesting thing is that despite FIFA Dictator err ... "President (for Life?)" Sepp Blatter coming out and saying he will move the 2022 event to January to make it slightly cooler ... the price on Yes Qatar will host in 2022 is set at 3.00 for Qatar to be the host!

Financial Website recently wrote a piece quoting a FIFA Ex-Co member as saying he personally thinks that the tournament will be moved from Qatar.

Current Odds at MyBet as at 14 October - Click on the image to visit MyBet.
So what do you think? Will Qatar remain the 2022 host?
WHERE will YOU be putting you money on the bet at MyBet ?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

PinnacleSports close door to UK punters from 30 Sept 2014

Closed for UK Business from 30th Sept
PinnacleSports are top close their doors to UK gamblers from September 30th - citing a UK amendment to gambling laws and requirements to hold a UK license.

This amendment will also include a 15% profit based remote gambling tax based on the point of consumption - effectively a levy on offshore sites serving UK customers.

A Q&A page on Pinnacle provides details on what will happen to UK registered accounts.

Q. What does Great Britain include?
Great Britain includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Q. I am a British account holder. What will happen? What do I need to do?
All your account options other than withdrawal will be blocked after 11.59pm (BST*) September 30th, 2014.

Any of your bets placed up to and including 11.59pm (BST*) September 30th, 2014 will be honoured. Funds remaining in your Pinnacle Sports account may be withdrawn at any time free of charge.

Accounts that withdraw their funds prior to September 30th, 2014 will be disabled from making further deposits.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bet365 - On the Move Bonus for Mobile betting

Whether you’re a new or existing bet365 customer, did you know that you can get an EXTRA 100% bonus when you place your first mobile bet using a mobile phone or tablet?

To claim your bonus, simply place a qualifying bet at Bet365 on your mobile phone or tablet of at least $2* or more and you will be entitled to a 100% bonus, up to a maximum of $100*.

Once you have placed your qualifying bet, you will receive an email with your Offer Code to your registered email address. You can then enter your Offer Code by entering the Members area on site or through the bet365 On The Move application.

bet365 On The Move allows you to enjoy great features including easy to use navigation, thousands of markets across a wide range of sports, our industry leading In-Play service and a homepage displaying all the top events, whilst iPhone, iPad and Android users can also watch live streamed Sport and Horse Racing on the go.

With fantastic offers and an extensive range of pre-event and In-Play markets, bet365 is the best place for all your mobile bets.

So here is how it works :

Existing Customers :

Step 1/ Just place a bet via mobile phone or tablet at Bet365.
(You will see confirmation of the special on the move offer when you land there on a mobile)

New Customers
(You can double your bonus by following these steps)  :

Step 1/ Open an account with bet365 today (via that link) and qualify for a fantastic 100% Initial Deposit Bonus, up to £200, Eur100, $100 (depending on where you live).

Step 2/ Place a few bets via you PC to get the feel of the site.

Step 3/ Just place a bet via mobile phone or tablet at Bet365.
(You will see confirmation of the special on the move offer when you land there on a mobile)

Bet365 Joining Bonus

T&Cs : There are a few terms and conditions which you can check out at the bet365 site but I'll run through the main ones here.

a) The bonus is between $2 and $100.
b) Offer closes 31st August 2014.
c) Available for these countries - Australia, Austria, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Iceland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and United Arab Emirates.
d) When you get the bonus code please claim it within 7 days!
e) You need to rollover initial bet + bonus 3 times via mobile before withdrawing, so a $100 bonus is a $100+$100 * 3 = $600 rollover. And bets need to be at 1.50 (1/2) or higher to count.
f) Asian handicap, goal line (over/under) and baseball bets don't count for rollover. Don't ask me why - it just IS that way ;-)

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Paddy Power Offers Twist on Top GoalScorer Market

The English Premier League season starts in two weeks time and recommended bookmaker Paddy Power has come up with a way to make the Premier League Top Goal Scorer bet a wee bit more interesting.

Here's the deal ... Simply place a €20 bet on the Premier League Top Goalscorer and every time your player scores in the league Paddy Power will give you a €2 free bet.

This deal is open to new and existing customers - and while it's not going to put you in the millionaires club - it is a good example of how Paddy Power do give punters good value for their punts.

Paddy Power is Ireland's largest bookmaker and one of our recommended places to bet for UK and Irish punters.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Luis Suarez banned for 4 months - too short - too long - or just right?

So FIFA have reached a verdict :

Luis Suárez suspended for nine matches and banned for four months from any football-related activity

Could it have been longer? Yes - especially as it's a 3rd offence.
Could it have been different? Yes - it might have only affected international football - but FIFA has jurisdiction over ALL football.

Looking at the ban :
1/ The 9 international matches part of the ban is about a year - and prevents any more action at this World Cup which will definitely hit Suarez hard given the 4-year gap between events.

2/ The 4 month total football ban is really just 2 competitive months (as July and August are layoff months) but is probably also appropriate as it prevents the player slinking back to Liverpool and surrounding himself with sycophants that tell him he did nothing wrong.

There may be an element of cultural clash. It seems that areas of South American football (and Uruguayan football in particular) has fashioned itself on the do anything it takes to win mentality, and there is little "shame" in being caught by the referee or cameras if it works. The "clever gaucho" that outwits a bigger opponent is often the image used.

I'm thinking here about Maradona's "hand of god" goal for Argentina to beat England, and Suarez's double handed last minute goalkeeper save in the last world cup that eventually sneaked Uruguay past Ghana. They succeeded and the actions are lauded positively as sneaky examples of beating an opponent with trickery.

With that background, and seeing the blanket denial by the Uruguayan team, manager and Uruguayan newspapers that the bite even occurred at all I really think there is/was a huge disconnect in certain areas about what is deemed as acceptable gamesmanship.

Let's look at how foul play is treated within the game :
- Diving and faking injury seems to be acceptable - occasional yellow card. 
- Foul language amongst players is common, but yellow/red cards if aimed at officials.
- Racial abuse has recently been targeted with severe 8-10 match bans.
- Pulling shirts is a yellow card (if spotted).
- Denying a goal scoring opportunity. Red card and 1 match ban.
- Using elbows and/or committing gross foul tackles causing injury (or potential to hurt) are a red card offences and subsequent 2-3 match ban
- Headbutting (even a gentle tap) also is a red card at this level, as is fighting (even in retaliation for a bad foul).

So where does that put more calculated actions like spitting or biting? Is it worse? Yes - I think so as there is some premeditation, but exactly how much worse is quite hard to quantify because of the different attitudes.

Put in the context of the more common fouls - the ban does seem to be severe - but I think FIFA have accurately positioned the ban to reflect the biting must NOT occur on a sporting field.

And to me the 4-month ban appropriately reflects that it's a 3rd offence.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Real Madrid wins 2014 Champions League Final

Real Madrid has secured its 10th Champions League trophy, equalising in injury time before scoring three times in extra-time goals to beat Atletico Madrid 4-1.

Atletico Madrid took the lead with Diego Godin's 36th-minute header when Real keeper Iker Casillas blundered badly, coming off his line allowing Godin's header to gently lob over him.

Real Madrid attacked relentlessly in the second half as Atletico dropped back to defend the lead, and it took until the third minute of stoppage time before central defender Sergio Ramos headed in powerfully from a corner to equalise at 1-1.

Atletico looked a spent force in extra time and Real completed the comeback win when Gareth Bale put Real ahead in the 110th minute before Marcelo slammed in the third and Christiano Ronaldo put scored from a penalty in the final minute.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Watch the 2014 FA Cup final - 12 mins highlights.

Arsenal came from 2-0 down to win a dramatic FA Cup final 3-2 with a goal from Aaron Ramsey in extra-time.

Arsenal TV and the online Media Player have released high quality video coverage - including 12 minutes of highlights - showing all the action from Wembley - and all five goals.

Check out all the action as Arsenal finally get their hands on some more silverware - doing it the hard way of course - and win their 11th FA Cup.

Check out all the FA Cup Final Highlights here.

(NOTE : The Arsenal media player and highlights of every Arsenal game are available for free to Digital Members - but a signup at the Arsenal site is required for viewing. It's one-off process and at ZERO cost.)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Football World Cup 2014 - Outright betting thoughts with 1 month to go

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is almost upon us - with less than a month to go - and it's probably time to take a look at the chances of the various teams involved from a betting point of view.

Football wisdom has it that a South American team must win as it is a South American tournament - maybe - but it's based on stats from 3 tournaments in 1930, 1950 and 1978 ... and in the last 35 years the world of conditioning has moved on since then.

South America (COMNEBOL)

Argentina have some great attacking players, but still look suspect on defence, and I'm not sure that Brazil's great local rivals will actually get huge support from Brazilian fans when playing against European opposition.

Brazil look solid, but not exceptional. Brazil's figurehead player is Neymar who has looked a wee bit ordinary in his first season in La Liga - starting 25 games for 9 goals in a Barcelona team that dominates 80% of the games they play.

Brazil won the Confederations Cup a year ago, and will look good again when they are winning - but may suffer stage fright in the knockout stages.

Chile might be a dark horse, they finished 3rd in COMNEBOL qualifying, but they did their best work at home, and lost twice to Argentina. Ecuador and Uruguay have variable teams, some world class players, some players of average level.

Europe (UEFA)

Europe's main threat will come from the usual sources with Spain 6-2-0, Germany 9-1-0 and the Netherlands 9-1-0 all looking dominant in qualifying and they should go deep into the competition.

Belgium 8-2-0, England 6-4-0, Switzerland 7-3-0 and Italy 6-4-0 also finished the qualifiers unbeaten but with lower scoring victories and a handful of draws against the lessor teams. There could easily be a deep run from one of these teams.

Belgium could be a dark horse, they have some talented players, but it's hard to see a winning World Cup bid although the bookies have them as 5th favourites. Italy are ranked 8th favourites, they have the historic pedigree but this time around the team does look a bit average.

England have decided to throw their lot with youth, a good idea as the climate will make it a young players environment, but the squad is too inexperienced, and England's history with losing penalty shoot-outs makes it a patriotic longshot bet at best.

Any European team will be expecting to make the knockout stages, but then you need to win 4 games in a row (or win the penalty shoot-outs) in order to lift the cup - and that's where the top tier of European sides with very competitive league structures have the advantage.

Africa (CAF)

Africa have long been touted as a continent of potential - even by legends such as Pele - but the truth is that African football lacks the structure to combine their talented players into a side that has the tactical nous to win at this highest level.

Ivory Coast and Ghana look the strongest sides to me ... while Nigeria have a favourable draw and I expect one of them to reach the quarter-finals and maybe the semi-finals ... but suggesting an outright win for Africa is just a longshot with sides rated at 125.00 and greater.

Asia (AFC), North and Central America (CONCACAF)

Most Asian and North / Central American teams are just there as part of the geographic distribution of players and largely there to make up the numbers in Group play.

CONCACAF teams are improving - Mexico is usually competitive against all but the best World teams but nearly missed out this time which shows a slow improvement in regional standards - but a less generous ranking system would have no CONCAF sides in the top 25 spots.

That sounds harsh but CONCACAF has just three nations in the top 30 FIFA rankings - the United States (14), Mexico (19) and Honduras (30) while Asia has none. And the presence of the United States so high in the rankings is purely down to the "politically correct" nature of the system that rates regional qualification matches equally right around the globe.

Mexico MAY qualify for the second round but will need to beat Croatia to get there, while the United States have a tough draw with Germany, Portugal and Ghana in their group and it will take an exceptional effort for Uncle Sam to get past that trio.

Asia continues to struggle to bridge the gap with the elite sides, Japan (47) and South Korea (55) both produce technically good players if a little robotic but at National level these teams lack the strength and outright football genius to beat the taller European and South American sides regularly.

Australia (59) also have a good regional pedigree and also the strength to physically compete. But the Aussies do not have enough (any?) World Class players to get past a group draw that has pitted them against Spain, the Netherlands and Chile.

Iran (37) is actually the top ranked Asian side is 37th spot and have a group draw that MIGHT allow them to spring a surprise and qualify, but it wouldn't be a shock to see all five Asian qualifiers going home immediately after the groups are finished.


If you are looking for an outsider bet, I'd like to see the Netherlands (34.00 at BetVictor and Coral) lift the cup. Just a country with a population of 16m - the Dutch play a good style of football - and have never won the World Cup - losing 3 finals now.

The Netherlands may have to face Brazil in the second round- but as I suggested earlier that might be just the right time to meet the Hosts and a shock Dutch win could be possible.

If push comes to shove and you are looking for a MOST LIKELY bet then I think that the winner will come from the top four teams :
- Brazil at odds 4.00 at BetVictor, PaddyPower and Ladbrokes
Argentina at odds of 6.00 at BetVictor and PaddyPower ,
- Germany at odds of 7.00 at Coral
Spain at odds of 8.00 at PaddyPower

That's no real surprise as the format rewards strong teams during the group phase with easier games, and group winners get a slightly easier time in the knockout stages. To win the FIFA World Cup - teams need to have skill, experience and a cool temperament to deal with tough situations.

As I rate temperament as being vital I think that Germany can do it - but a potential Semi-Final against Argentina looms as a big challenge.


So what do you think? Who is your favourite? IF you can write a comment without it including spammy links to porn sites or enlargement pills then I'd love to see YOUR views !