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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Carlos Tevez - just too much trouble ?

CArlos Tevez to Manchester United ?
So just what do you think of this Carlos Tevez then?

He seems an extremely useful player, certainly international class, and his performances at the end of last season were probably the single biggest factor in West Ham staying up.

But ... and it's a big but ... he's got himself tied into a weird financial tangle with his agent Kia Joorabchian and a couple of dodgy looking South American companies over his playing rights - and frankly I'm pleased that ARSENAL are having nothing to do with him.

I note that in this article over at SportingLife he says that he's already completed agreements and given his personal word to "Mr Ferguson" that he will move to Manchester United and he never goes back on his word.

However it seems that West Ham don't know too much about it - saying that there was no agreement for the move and claiming that Tevez is contracted to them until June 2010 !!

With Sheffield United watching this from the relative poverty of the Championship - and the Premier League organsiations just wishing that this would all go away - I can see BIG trouble for any English club that touches this outstanding player unless eveerything is done exactly right.

Tevez and Joorabchin just seem to have a very loose handle on how to handle a business deal - and I am starting to wonder whether the player is simply damaged goods - and he'd be better off trying to ply his trade somewhere else - where his every financial move is not so carefully watched.

Back to Argentina for a season perhaps?