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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Prepare to win when betting on Sports

It's that time of the year again when football talk is starting to get a bit more serious - major transfer moves are made - and the smart punter starts looking around for a couple of reliable internet bookmakers to join up to.

We've reviewed literally hundreds of bookmakers over the last seven years - and after a lot of playtesting, punting and betting experience we've narrowed our list of acceptable bookmakers and sportsbooks down to about 20 or so.

You can get a list of all our recommended bookmakers on the main site at our bookmaker reviews list and you can see the current list of all the latest free sports bet offers as well.

If you're serious about make money on sports - then WISE UP - and learn to bet with the best places while spreading your bets around to take the BEST ODDS.

But - just to set you right - here are FIVE UK bookmakers and international sportsbooks that you should have on your list. Not only will you get good joining offers - but between them you'll get access to 10-15% better odds - meaning more money in your pockets after each winning bet.

#1 £100 - Bet365 ---------- Visit Sportsbook or See Bookmaker Review
#2 £100 - SportingOdds - Visit Sportsbook or See Bookmaker Review
#3 10 % -- Bodog ---------- Visit Sportsbook or See Bookmaker Review
#4 £200 - Canbet --------- Visit Sportsbook or See Bookmaker Review
#5 $500 - PinnacleSports Visit Sportsbook or See Bookmaker Review

Good luck with your sports betting - although you will need less luck - because the odds always favours the prepared punter !


REMEMBER : All of these sites are 100% safe and secure, all of these sites have a very solid reputation, and we back all of these site with our 1000 Euro guarantee.

What is the Gooners Guide Guarantee? If you join up from OUR site - and ever have a problem getting paid out from ANY of the bookmakers we list then I will personally go into "bat" for you and help you to get things sorted out.

And if it cannot be put right - and we think that you have a fair case - then I will pay you out of my pocket (up to €1000 - £700) and the the site will cancel all further advertising with that organisation.

We take this stuff seriously and only recommend the best sportsbooks ...