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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sheffield Utd lose again - Beckham media mania

Two things catch my eye in the news today - and unfortunately both are probably things that I'd rather didn't get so much coverage.

I see that yet another Sheffield United legal appeal has failed today with the High Court not allowing the Blades "leave to appeal".

I know relegation was hard on Sheffield Utd, but I really don't have much sympathy for the case for compensation - or the original appeal.

Why not? Because despite the convoluted transfer wranglings going on at West Ham - all that really happened is the West Ham got access to a couple of players and then had to go out and win games on the pitch.

Frankly I don't see any difference between these transfers and the usual loan player scheme that has hit the Premier League and Football league over the last two seasons.

There was no rigging of players or fixing of games - and Sheffield United had plenty of time during the season to win enough points so as not to finish 18th and get relegated. They knew what the decision was and the only reason they're appealing now is that they finished 18th.

If the Premier League had announced that they were deducting points from West Ham - so that Sheffield United thought they were safe - and then later on changed their minds then I'd understand the appeal.

But this is bollocks - give it up guys.

Victoria and David Beckham arrive in the USThe other "big event" was the hype around David Beckham's arrival in the United States.

Screaming fans, over-hyped publicity, it's a "made for reality TV" situation that unfortunately has almost no chance of living up to the hysteria and so will inevitiably result is disappointment and more negative headlines in the US.

Victoria seems to love the idea of being a US media queen though - and there seems little doubt that her wants and needs were a big part of his decision to play football in the US - which probably says it all - BRAND BECKHAM HYPE - here we come.

It is good to see that ticket sales for his games are huge - I understand the first league opponents the "New York Red Bulls" (has advertising in the US gone mad?) have sold triple their normal number of tickets ...

... but really what are these people expecting to see and will they be happy if he plays a solid game in midfield holding the ball with a couple of good touches - as you might expect in a new player arriving at a side? Don't you beleive it !!

Still - I guess it's one way to make money out of football - and football is a business these days - but you know it's going to be a huge "SO WHAT?!" inside a month.