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Friday, July 06, 2007

Betting Action Coming up This Week

This week is going to be full of sports excitement: you just need to pick your event from The Wimbledon Final, Copa America, Wonders of the World!


From this Friday onwards, the grass courts will be on fire at Wimbledon as players edge towards the final. You could be a winner if you tick the right boxes with Paddy Power betting on the hottest clashes - and get automatic insurance againt a 5-set loss.


Also this week the Copa America Quarter and Semi Finals. South America is hotting up with the action So are we! The Quarter Finals are on 7 and 8 July and the Semi Finals are on 10 and 11 July.

Check out our daily Copa America betting previews on the main site.


You still have the chance to bet on the New Wonders of the World - and European bookmaker Globet have set up a special book for this event.

Millions of voters will select the New 7 Wonders of the World. The winners will be announced in Lisbon, Portugal on 7 July - surely there are some easy winners !!