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Friday, April 07, 2017

So let's kick this back into life ...

About 18 months ago I posted a blog post asking for ANY human readers to react by hitting the FUNNY reaction to the post - to prove that they were not a bot. My theory was that less than 5% of blog traffic was actually a real person.

The result? Despite a couple of hundred hits a week - over the last 18 months - not one person has actually marked the post a funny - not one? WTF?!! I guess that means that what I was writing was not interesting enough to pull in one living betting punter - which is a pretty sad state of affairs.

So I simply stopped posting ... for about 18 months.

I'm going to kickstart it back into action - posting 3-4 timers a week on all things sporting (and sometimes betting) as see if we can get some interaction will fellow sports fans out there.

Are you out there? Anyone? Hit  the funny reaction if you are ...

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