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Monday, February 20, 2012

Paddy Power Online Problems - promises to sort it out

A lot of punters had problems getting our late bets placed on Saturday afternoon at Paddy Power - and the man himself has posted about it on the Paddy Power Blog.
I am sorry and mortified at the service we offered on Saturday.

All Saturday afternoon our customers had a lot of difficulty getting their bets on, either through our website or our mobile services. We were also slow to in getting winnings back into people’s accounts. This was due to serious technical problems in our systems.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get your bet on and no apology from me can get around that. Rest assured, we will resolve it.
At Paddy Power, we want to provide the best sports betting service in the world with a top quality customer experience. Clearly, we were a long way from that today and for that I am truly sorry.

There is some good news, however. We will dig deep into our pockets over the next few days to make up for the problems you experienced on Saturday.

Expect lots of generous offers at Paddy Power in the coming days and weeks. While we cannot buy your loyalty, I hope that you will give us another chance to give you the service you deserve.

Paddy Power
This is the SECOND time it's happened this season to my knowledge, and it clearly is not good enough for a company that we have rated as providing a top betting experience.

However, I've been betting at Paddy Power for over 10 years now, and overall I still rate paddy as a good place to bet.

I'm prepared to give them the benefit of an "OOOPS" for last Saturday, especially if Paddy Power  do make it up with a couple of good offers .. how about you?

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