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Friday, February 24, 2012

Another Jeremy Lin tweet - and the blogsphere over-reacts with PC response.

Another day - and another weird "story" hits the wire as a soon-to-be college sports player tweets about Jeremy Lin and asian food and gets a massive over reaction.

Maryland football recruit Stefon Diggs ripped off the following tweet after Jeremy Lin's New York Knicks side were well beaten by the Miami Heat.

Mainstream reporters have been outraged, and readers comments reaction has been one of overwhelmingly outrage in response to this tweet as well - with claims of racism and that this is incredibly offensive. Is it? Why?

Which word offends? egg? roll? dumplings? * GASP! *

Or is that they're all Asian foods and Jeremy Lin is Asian?  *GASP!!*

Or possibly that if you put two dumplings together with the egg roll you get a penis shape?!  *GASP!!!*

For goodness sake - this has to be one of the mildest tweets I've seen regarding Lin - and the tweeter isn't even putting down Lin's ability - admitting  that he's good!

I like egg rolls, I like dumplings, and I think Jeremy Lin is an outstanding talent. I reckon that there are probably several billion people on the planet that think the same way. The facts are that having an Asian player performing at elite level in the NBA is news. For that matter having a Harvard degree qualified player in the NBA is news too! ;-)

You get 140 characters on Twitter to make a point - it wasn't an essay topic - and I think that this High School recruit made his point with his tweet

So please - read the tweet again. Where is the offence? Read slowly it. How are you offended? Really?

The tweet is correct - the Linsanity hype and rolling bandwagon is all because of Mr Lin's Asian / Harvard background - and it is not because he's the most dominant player in the NBA - so perhaps the bandwagon can slow down and let the kid play.

Let's get back to basketball eh?

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