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Thursday, July 01, 2010

FIFA announce referees for Quarter-Finals

FIFA have announced the refereeing assignments for the four Quarter-Finals in South Africa - and there are several surprises.

Friday July 2

Holland v Brazil - Yuichi Nishimura (Jpn)
Uruguay v Ghana - Olegario Benquerenca (Por)

Saturday July 3

Argentina v Germany - Ravshan Irmatov (Uzb)
Paraguay v Spain - Carlos Batres (Gua)

It's interesting to note that FIFA seem to have decided to remove any question of continental bias amongst referees with appointments of referees outside the playing confederations for all four clashes.

The three quarter-finals between Europe and South America will be refereed by two Asian referees - from Japan and Uzbekistan - and one CONCACAF referee from Guatemala.

While the clash between Uruguay and Ghana will be refereed by the sole UEFA referee - Benquerenca of Portugal.

Are these the best officials possible or have FIFA made a mistake in want to appear completely neutral? We will see

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