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Monday, July 12, 2010

China tipped to meet ETs first says Irish bookmaker!

Leading bookmaker, Paddy Power, has today slashed the odds on China being the first country to establish first contact with extraterrestrial life following strong betting patterns in support of the East Asian giant.

China was available at odds of 6/1 for first contact before the weekend but has been cut into 4/1 second favourite following several large bets including one of €500.

The betting frenzy was sparked by reports on Friday of a UFO soaring across the night sky over South East China which forced Xiaoshan International Airport to ground several flights to avoid a collision.

While the Chinese government has remained tight-lipped, punters wasted no time backing China which has resulted in Paddy Power facing a payout in excess of €25,000 should they be proved correct.

The USA remains the bookies narrow favourite at odds of 3/1 with Ireland at 9/2 and Russia at 5/1. Paddy Power have also slashed the odds of extraterrestrial life being proven by 2013 from 100/1 to 33/1.

Which country will have First Contact with ET?

3/1 USA
4/1 China (From 6/1)
9/2 Ireland (From 9/4)
5/1 Russia
8/1 England
10/1 Australia
12/1 Brazil
12/1 Spain
14/1 France
16/1 Germany
18/1 South Africa
20/1 Wales
25/1 Scotland

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