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Saturday, August 31, 2013

NFL - Tim Tebow cut by Patriots - what now?

The New England Patriots released 25-year-old Tim Tebow on Saturday, deciding to carry just two QBs on their final 53-man roster.

Head Coach Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots took a chance on the former Heisman winner in pre-season, but Tebow went 11 for 30 for 145 yards, two touchdowns, two picks and a dreadful seven sacks.

Belichick apparently didn't see much better in practice and the Pats essentially gave up on using Tebow, an excellent athlete, in any non-quarterback role such as running back or tight end.

This might be it for Tebow in the NFL, and it's been a downward spiral since January 2012 when Tebow he connected on an 80-yard touchdown pass to lead the Denver Broncos to an overtime victory over Pittsburgh.

At that moment he was probably most famous player in the NFL. While there were still plenty of doubts about his ability, the idea he wouldn't throw a single touchdown in the 2012 season and not be picked up by any NFL team in 2013 was unthinkable.

So what now? Sitting on the free agents list waiting for a call from a team that suffers a series of injuries? That's not supposed to be how it goes for Heisman winners !

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