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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Betting Spreadsheet : Weekend Games for January 20-23rd online now

The "Gooners Numb3rs" Football Betting Spreadsheet has been updated for club football games in England, Italy, Spain and Germany for January 20th to 23rd.

The spreadsheet is broadly based on a modification of an ELO ranking system - similar to those used to ranked players in both chess and backgammon - and has been storing data on the top divisions in Europe for 12 seasons.

These ratings are then compared against the databases for similar games in the same competition and the results are displayed as potential percentage chances for a Home Win (HW), a draw (D), or an Away Win (AW).

Clicking on the "MORE" link for each match will then give a snapshot of each teams recent form, and previous head-to-head results, as well as a brief textual explanation of any betting angle.

The sheet is forecasting wins for LIVERPOOL at Bolton, MAN CITY v Tottenham, AC MILAN at Novara, PALERMO v Genoa, UDINESE v Catania, DORTMUND at Hamburg, BARCELONA at Malaga, LEVANTE v Zaragoza and REAL MADRID v Bilbao.

It also calculates that Manchester United are the better value on their trip to Arsenal (unfortunately for me as a Gooner) and there are a couple of potential value draw bets in Real Sociedad v Atletico Madrid, and Villarreal v Gijon

Take a look at my "Gooners Numb3rs" Football Betting Spreadsheet and let me know what you think!

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