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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A thought about time, injury time, and whining about it ...

Just dont start being a time keeper - it's enough to drive a fan to drink.

Football is a game of 90 minutes, plus whatever time the referee wants to add on for anything he feels like. Play the game to the final whistle and don't even think about whining that the whistle should have been blown 60 seconds earlier - or that the game should have lasted an additional sixty seconds.

It's pathetic when Ferguson does it, it's embarrasing when Wenger did it on the weekend, and there is no justificaton for it. Play until the game is over - and at the end make sure that you've scored more goals.

End of.

(Mind you, the speed with which the FA has reacted to Wengers outburst - when compared to their total inaction with violent career-threatening tackles - also speaks volumes for the ineptitude of the governing bodies too)

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