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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Never lose with Pocket Rockets at Doyles Poker Room

As many Texas Hold-em player have found out - holding pocket aces isn't always a guaranteed win.

At an 80% favourite against other pocket pairs - sometimes even firing bullets can backfire and hit you square in the jaw.

DoylesRoom's new Cracked Aces online poker promotion changes all that by softening the blow.

Take a seat at DoylesRoom's online poker Hold'em tables with stakes of at least $0.50/$1 and if you lose a showdown holding pocket Aces, we'll pay you $25!

The Cracked Aces promotion runs between September 1st and September 30th, 2009 so play now and let the rockets fly!

Terms and Conditions
Play at any $0.50/$1 and higher real money Hold’em ring games at between September 1st and September 30th, 2009.

The money will be deposited into the players’ account 24 hours after submitting the hand to our Support Department during weekdays. Any prize awarded during the weekend will be deposited the following Monday.

Player must submit the Hand ID to a team member via live chat, e-mail or over the phone to receive the award.

Omaha High/ Omaha High-LO / Omaha PLO tables are not part of the Cracked Aces promotion.

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