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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Does anyone read blogs any more ?

HEEELLLLLLLLOOOOOO? Does anyone actually read blogs any more?

Or is all the traffic and pages read just the result of scrapers and spammers using automated bots to steal content or harvest emails? Or FIVER workers posting cheap spam links?

I ask because I don't ever really see comments in the blog - other than the obvious FIVER spammers - and I'm getting to the point where it might be time to close the blog down and just concentrate on posting to Twitter / Facebook.

(Sorry Google+ but your social network experiment is a dust bowl)

What do you think? Do you read many blogs now?

Are you even a human? IF you are please leave a comment or just hit the FUNNY checkbox and we will see how many replies this gets in the comments over the next week and compare it to the blogger stats.

I doubt that we will even get to 5% human traffic - but let's see.

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