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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

5 Bookmakers offering good betting options for GERMAN punters

Finding a good place to bet is a bit of a challenge these days - as various governments and tax departments are always trying to find ways to regulate and increase their own tax take.

German sports bettors regularly ask us to recommend the best bookmaker.

So we have started to create specialised "country" pages for many countries in Europe to help punters find a good solid bookmaker to use.

Our new Germany Bookmaker Ratings page lists four top quality places to bet - and one good "bitcoin only" sportsbook that has had good feedback and provides 100% anonymous betting.

We have links to our latest online bookmaker and sportsbook reviews specific for each site. These reviews include summaries of each bookmaker's join bonuses plus a Sportsbook Rating and recommendations based on odds analysis and extensive Facebook and Twitter feedback from active local bettors.

Here is an ad display of the top five destinations for German punters - click to visit the bookmakers site or check out our new Germany Bookmaker Ratings page now.

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