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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Will Qatar host the World Cup in 2022? Bet on it at MyBet!

There's been a lot of controversy after the FIFA's decision to give the World Cup 2022 to Qatar and chances are it won't ever take place in the country of the sheikhs.

MyBet have stepped in and are offering odds on whether Qatar will host the World Cup in 2022 - and also offer a second market on exactly which country will host the event.

The interesting thing is that despite FIFA Dictator err ... "President (for Life?)" Sepp Blatter coming out and saying he will move the 2022 event to January to make it slightly cooler ... the price on Yes Qatar will host in 2022 is set at 3.00 for Qatar to be the host!

Financial Website recently wrote a piece quoting a FIFA Ex-Co member as saying he personally thinks that the tournament will be moved from Qatar.

Current Odds at MyBet as at 14 October - Click on the image to visit MyBet.
So what do you think? Will Qatar remain the 2022 host?
WHERE will YOU be putting you money on the bet at MyBet ?

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