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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Sochi Olympics Odds: Betting Options For Winter Olympics Flutter

The 2014 Sochi Games will be officially underway this weekenmd, and that a spot of betting on the Winter Olympics is well within reason.

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When it comes to betting on the Sochi Games in general, sports fans are likely going to lean toward their home and native land. Oddsmakers, on the other hand, are unmoved by such biases. As a result, despite the US sending 230 athletes to the games (the most of any country), Norway is the favorite to win the most gold medals at the games.

Norway’s +120 odds of winning the most Olympic gold medals lead America’s +250 mark, Germany’s +700, Russia’s +900, Canada’s +900 and every other country in the world.

2014 Winter Olympics (Sochi, Russia) - Most Gold Medals

Norway +120
USA +250
Germany +700
Russia +900
Canada +900
Austria +4000
South Korea +4000
China +4000
France +5000
Sweden +5000
Switzerland +5000
Netherlands +10000

Betting on obscure Olympic events is much the fun of engaging with the Winter Games though, so betting lines exist for everything from the outright women’s luge winner to the probability of Jamaica’s fan favorite bobsled to win a medal (a ‘Yes’ bet currently pays +5,000).

In the means 500m speed skating you have the option of cheering on a "bum" at a tasty price for a favourite of +300 - and that's got to have some appeal.

Winter Olympics (Sochi, Russia) - Speed Skating - 500m Men

Tae-Bum Mo +300
Michel Mulder +400
Jan Smeekens +500
Joji Kato +550
Ronald Mulder +650
Keiichiro Nagashima +1000
Jamie Gregg +1200
Dmitry Lobkov +1400
Pekka Koskela +1400
Tucker Fredriks +1400
Mika Poutala +2500

Most importantly, the Olympics serve as an opportunity for casual and diehard sports fans alike to give in to the temptation of watching event after event for the duration of the two-plus-week celebration. Don’t even leave the couch if you don’t want to – we won’t judge.

There are plenty of events and the European and North American sportsbooks is ready for all of them.

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