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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Are the Green Bay Packers SuperBowl bound?

Heading into tonights game with the Minnesota Vikings the Green Bay Packers are 8-0 and making a good job of defending the Super Bowl Champions title that they won last season?

But how likely is that the Packers will repeat as Champions?

I heard an interesting statistic on ESPN's Monday Night countdown earlier .. that might shed some light on their chances.

There have been 17 teams that have started 8-0 or better since the NFL merged to form the NFC and AFC conferences and play for the Super Bowl. Of those 17 teams - 12 have made it to the Super Bowl, and 8 of them have won it.

Those numbers - 12 of 17 reach the Super Bowl and 8 eventually win the trophy - are probably the most accurate and quantifiable guide that we have.

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