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Friday, August 19, 2011

Spanish Football On Strike This Weekend

Players in Spain's top two football divisions will go on strike on the first day of the season after Friday's negotiations with clubs on wage guarantees collapsed.

The Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) is demanding players be allowed to break their contracts if they are not paid for three consecutive months - which seems fair enough quite frankly.

The Spanish league was supposed to start this weekend but around 200 players in the top two divisions have not been fully paid by cash-strapped clubs, some of which are in bankruptcy protection.

Players are said to be owed up to £43m in unpaid salaries.

Clubs involved in European competitions will continue playing with Villarreal facing a Champions League qualifying game next week and Athletic Bilbao, Sevilla and Atletico Madrid all playing Europa League matches.

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MUFC said...

Not bad for Cesc Fabregas ... joins Barcelona last Saturday ... comes on as a sub to pick up a Super Cup winners medal against Real Madrid in midweek ... and then gets two week holiday in the Spanish sun!!!