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Monday, August 29, 2011

Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal

Not much you can say about that - as Arsenal were comprehensively outplayed all around the park - well done to Manchester United!

If you want to see that action on video - then you're probably a masochist or a Manchester Utd fan - so here is a link to our latest Manchester United Videos page.

I imagine that it was just the response that United fans wanted after seeing Manchester City beat Spurs 5-1 at White Hart Lane earlier in the day.

However from an Arsenal point of view there is an overwhelming feeling of WTF? is going on as we watch Mr Wenger consistantly say that we don't need to spend. The really SAD thing is that part of me is thinking "thank f&ck that we actually scored in the league this season!"

Mr Wenger that wasn't a wake-up call ... it was a huge bloody screaming alert  !!

So my multi-lingual manager ... let me put it to you this way :
- Dépenser de l'argent
- Etwas Geld ausgeben
- Spendere dei soldi
- Gastar algo de dinero
- Besteed wat GELD
- Spendera pengar
- Тратить деньги
- Biraz para harcamak
- Käyttää rahaa
- Töltsön egy kis pénzt
- Eyða einhverjum peningum
- 花些钱
- Petrece ceva BANI

I understand and appreciate all that Mr Wenger has done for Arsenal over the last decade, but this current situation does have a solution and Arsenal do have the cash.

Wenger is leaning very heavily on the goodwill that he's built up by refusing to take the obvious approach to fix a threadbare squad.


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