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Friday, June 25, 2010

World Cup Second Round Draw in Full

The group stages are now complete - and we can all fill in our "wallchart" and work out who is facing who in the second round.

If you don't have your wallchart handy - I'll run through the fixtures now :

Saturday 26th June :

- 4:00pm Uruguay v South Korea
- 8:30pm United States v Ghana

Sunday 27th June :

- 4:00pm Germany v England
- 8:30pm Argentina v Mexico

Monday 28th June :

- 4:00pm Netherlands v Slovakia
- 8:30pm Brazil v Chile

Tuesday 29th June :

- 4:00pm Paraguay v Japan
- 8:30pm Spain V Portugal

(all times local South Africa, BST is -1, US ET -6, AUST +8 NZT +10)

There will then be a three day break before the first quarter-finals are played on Friday, 2nd July.

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