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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

United States 1-0 Algeria

USA scored a dramatic injury-time winner in Pretoria to secure a 1-0 victory that sees them qualify for the Round of 16 as winners of Group C.

For much of the game it looked as if the USA would be going home early after they missed a number of openings with Algerian goalkeeper Rais M'Bolhi in stubborn form.

USA were sitting in third place as the 90 minute-mark ticked by but everything changed in the blink of an eye as Landon Donovan led one last attack.

Jozy Altidore squared the ball into the danger zone, where M'Bolhi beat it away, but Donovan was able to latch onto the loose ball and passed it into an empty net, before being submerged among a sea of white shirts.

1 comment: said...

That was an exciting game! I can’t believe the USA won!