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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Piss off Barca - you'll be bankrupt within two years anyway ...

If I have to put up with another bloody Barcelona player popping up and telling everybody how Cesc Fabregas should move to Barca ...

Everyday it's some ugly looking gnome popping up with a scripted opinion trying to agitate a move while also somehow depressing the price.

Look it's simple, Arsenal have Fabregas's signature on a contract that expires in 2014 (or some such date) - and he's currently Arsenal's captain - so we obviously rate him.

So if Barca REALLY want to get him playing for Barcelona sooner than that - then the broke Basque football club are going have to stump up with a sizable offer of €50m+ to do it.

Message to Barcelona - either pay up a fairly sizable transfer fee and add to your €460m debt - or PISS OFF !!

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