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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Ladbrokes turn off free bet offers on Grand National Day

Internet punters looking to scoop up free bets are reminded that Ladbrokes will once again be switching off the Sports Betting freebet offer on Grand National Day.

Our readers can get a special matching £25 free bet at Ladbrokes at the moment - but this will be turned off at Midnight, Friday 9th April.

But Grand National Day is the busiest of the year for online bookmakers, and Ladbrokes have told us that they simply cannot keep up with the load - and will not offer the free bet on Saturday.

So the moral of this betting news is clear, if you have not joined up to Ladbrokes yet - do it now - and claim the special £25 free bet.


Wednesday 7th April = £25 free bet
Thursday 8th April = £25 free bet
Friday 9th April = £25 free bet
Saturday 10th April = Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Zero!! ***
Sunday 11th April = £25 free bet
will be back

So if it's not Saturday yet - join up to Ladbrokes now !! and get your matching free bet.

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