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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Arsenal v Barcelona - the comeback stings some punters on Betfair

It was a pretty good game at the Emirates last night, with Arsenal showing some substance to battle back late on - but some punters will have been hurting after looking at some stats from Betfair regarding the in running betting ...

Arsenal v Barcelona (2-2)

• Barcelona matched at 1.04 to win (more than £200,000 traded) when holding a 2-0 lead
• Draw backed at 28
• Final score of 2-2 traded at a high of 48
• Over 3.5 goals backed at 12.5

Beware backing the "sure thing" in running - Barca at 2-0 up would have looked easy money - just look at some of those prices in-running !!

Ouch !!

Barcelona backed to finish the job

However, despiute Arsenal's comeback in London the punters have quickly backed Barcelona down to 1.21 to finish the job in the second leg in Spain.

Latest qualification odds at Betfair : 1.21 Barca; 5.3 Arsenal

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