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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gooner Rant - Attention Mr Wenger - Goalkeeper available - has own gloves

FFS ... having watched that display in Portugal ...

I'm 45 now, and having retired from football I have developed what would be tactfully known as a bit of a beer gut now!

But - Mr Wenger, I am letting it be known that I have boots, I have goal keeping gloves, and having played 2-3 games in goal for my pub team, I have no doubt that I could do a better job than that clown in goal tonight...

As a "free agent" who has not played for anyone this season I'm available for transfer outside of the window. Give me a call mate - and I'll pop down to the Emirates Stadium for the second leg.

Meet up at 7pm outside the gate for a 7:45 kickoff yeah? I'll be the one in the green Jag - could you bring a parking pass with you?

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