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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Irish Punters expected to get into Stade de France for World Cup playoff

Patriotic Irish punters have been buoyed by news that French playmaker Franck Ribery may miss Ireland's World Cup playoff.

Bookie Paddy Power has reported a significant increase in betting on Ireland to qualify for the World Cup today. However, France remain red hot favourites to win the two legged playoff at 1/3 with Ireland an unlikely 11/5.

Paddy Power said, "It had been a pretty quiet betting heat until this morning when we had a welcome rush on Ireland. We'd all like to wish Franck Ribery a speedy recovery, just not too speedy! The odds haven't changed just yet but I'd expect them to shorten in the run up to the big Croker clash".

Paddy Power Odds To Qualify for the World Cup
1/3 France
11/5 Ireland

Meanwhile, the bookie is also taking bets on how many Irish fans manage to get inside the Stade de France for the crucial second leg of the playoff following news of a measly 8,000 tickets allocated to us.

The bookie is offering odds of 8/1 that Irish fans blow that amount out of the water and somehow get 30,000 into the Stade de France.

It won't be as easy to get tickets to the Irish leg and it's just 6/4 that the most expensive ticket on Ebay for the match goes for more than €500.

Odds for Number of Irish fans in the Stade de France?
11/10 Under 10,000
3/1     10,001 - 15,000
4/1     15,001 - 20,000
9/2     20,001 - 25,000
6/1     25,001 - 30,000
8/1     Over 30,000

Top Ebay ticket for Croke Leg?
4/1     €200 or Under
6/1     €201 - €300
4/1     €301 - €400
11/4     €401 - €500
6/4     Over €500

Check out all the options at Paddy Power's Betting website now.

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