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Thursday, February 05, 2009

A US bettors viewpoint ..

I found this post over at the BookieLabRat Blog and it's well worth a read.

I'm still buzzing over Super Bowl XLIII. That might have been the best football game I've ever seen – but I'm biased, because I made some money in the end. Everything looks better when the bankroll is growing.

It started before the coin toss. I couldn't help but to take the over on Jennifer Hudson's version of The Star-Spangled Banner, even at the chalky price of -210.

I personally don't bet every single Super Bowl prop, but I always take the time to see what's on the menu, and the total on the length of the national anthem was 2:01 - exactly how long it took Hudson to sing it at the Democratic National Convention. Of course Sunday's version was going to be longer. It was a more dramatic moment in a much larger venue.

As for the football itself, I was watching at home with the computer in front of me and the game on the big-screen. Most of my friends are either in the sports media or the handicapping business, so we had a UFC 94 party the night before instead - and what a card that was. But I digress.

Sunday was a workday, and I was working the live betting ...

(get the full post at BookieLabRat Sports Blog)

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