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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

JustBet Sportsbook $100K Holiday Bowl Competition

JustBet Sportsbook are offering an extra Christmas stocking filler to every active customer - with an $100K Holiday Bowl competition

It's free to play for all JustBet Sportsbook players who hold an active account with a $300 balance or greater.

The competition covers the BOWL games from December 28th, 2008 right through to the BCS game on January 8th, 2009 between Florida and Oklahoma.

FIRST PRIZE : $25,000 for the contestant who picks the most winners - the prize will be split if more than one winner.

BONUS PRIZE : $25,000 more if winner picks every game correctly

EXTRA BONUS SCORE PRIZE OF $50,000 for picking every game, and the exact score of the BCS game.

And as part of the promotion a new deposit (from new or existing JustBet Sportsbook customers) will receive a 50% freeplay bet as a holiday bonus.

So check out JustBet Sportsbook to learn more about this great competition.

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