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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Missing Football Betting? Bet on Chickens!

PaddyPower EggyCam - bet on which one hatches first.Are you missing your regular football punt? Well now you can bet on Chickens !!

It's true - PaddyPower have gone nuts - this week they've developed Eggy-cam - where you can bet on which egg (out of a nest of 10) will hatch first ...

We found this little gem over at Bookielabrat so head over and check out the Bookielabrat Eggy-cam blog post or you can also go directly to PaddyPower's Eggy Cam mini-site to see all 8 markets that they're offering ... and a video feed of the eggs.

They're Mad at PaddyPower - I tell you ... Mad !!

Footnote :
All the eggs used in Eggycam come from Duncan & Sally's Farm in County Wicklow, Ireland. They breed rare species and have over 200 birds onsite, a donkey Casper and a pig called Pig.

When the eggs eventually hatch they will return to the comfy confines of the farm.

Additional Footnote :
Real football is back soon with the 3rd round of the Champions League qualifiers kicking off 12th August with Liverpool, Barcelona, Arsenal, Schalke and Juventus all in action.


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