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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Moscow pitch less than perfect.

The state of the surface at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium pitch is causing concern ahead of Wednesday's UEFA Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester United.

The old synthetic pitch was ripped up after England's Euro 2008 qualifer against Russia in October and a new grass one laid in readiness for the final.

But experts decided it was too bumpy, prompting stadium authorities to lay another at a cost of £160,000 and using turf from Slovakia. So laying of a new grass surface at the Moscow venue was completed just 15 days ago.

Englishman Matt Frost who is in charge was asked whether he felt the pitch could have an adverse affect on the final said he was uncertain.

"You never know how it could affect the game - until you actually play on it you don't know. There is always that apprehension."

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