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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Champions League Day

Ok - this post will be a little different from the rest - instead of commenting on football and/or gambling its simply going to be a chronicle of how I spent my day today - and realised that there is BIG value in taking time out.

I got up this morning at about 7:30am, which means that because I'm living at the bottom of the world it was already close to halftime in the Champions League game in Moscow.

So I watched the pre-recorded game on DVD at x2 speed - mainly because it was quite a boring game - but also because I cannot stand the ESPN commentators especially that idiot Tommy Symthe (with a "y").

Ronaldo scored a good goal - Lampard also scored before halftime - and that was the end of the scoring. It goes to a penalty shoot-out and John Terry does a "Beckham" with a potentially title-winning penalty (slips and shoots wide) - and eventually ManYoo win the big cup 6-5 on PKs.

Sir Alex Ferguson claims United deserved it (bollocks - penalties are a lottery) and Avram Grant say Chelsea were unlucky (yes - but only because they lost the lottery).

Somehow it all seems very unreal down here in New Zealand. I make a few posts on the forum - but in all honesty it seems a non-event.

I work from a home/office doing internet and computer consultancy work - so the time is my own to plan - and looking at the beautiful autumn day outside (15C and sunny) I did not really feel like doing too much work.

Then I get an email from a football mate of mine who says that the local professional side (Wellington Phoenix) will be training at a ptich that my pub side has played on this season.

I head down and have a look and it's interesting to see the amount of ball work that they're doing as part of their pre-season training. The new fitness coach who worked with Blackburn Rovers has it all running smoothly.

Spend some of the time while watching talking with my mate (Domey) about our game this weekend with Stokes Valley in Division Six of the local Wellington leagues. (we're Wgtn Untd Arms)

Drive back home - it takes 10 minutes and only ONE set of traffic lights and have some lunch - a home made pizza with my partner, and I manage to score the lions share of the pizza slices 5-3 ! Result !! ;-)

In the afternoon I deal with a few emails, and handle a few clients, before heading to the gym and doing 40 minutes exercise on my knee (after a recent operation) before heading home around 3:30pm.

While I was away working out at the gym the local government have released a budget where they've finally decided (in election year) to FINALLY give the workers a bit of a tax break (ie not actually tax people as much before) and I work out that I should be around $1500 NZ pesos better off next year ! Result !! ;-)

I head for a long deep warm bath, with a nice ice cold bottle of Stella Artois, and enjoy the taste while looking out over Wellington habour in the late afternoon. Cold, crisp and beautiful (both the beer and the view) and a great way to relax. Result !! ;-)

Now I'm at the computer writing a daily blog and then I'll nip down to the living room after this blog, and turn on the fire, and enjoy a nice glass of red wine (Te Mata Coleraine) and a good meal. Result !! ;-)

So what was the point of this blog post? I'm not sure. IT could just be a reminder to everyone to take time to enjoy basic things. It could be a post that tells fans of football teams that didn't win anything this year (ahem - like Arsenal) that it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things ..

Of course IF Arsenal win the Champions League next season then I'll post a very different sort of post - but in the meantime - take the time to enjoy things guys ...


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