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Monday, January 14, 2008

Favre leads Packers to 42-20 playoff win

brett Favre celebrates another TouchdownBrett Favre and the Packers unexpectedly great season continues on to the NFC Championship game as the ageless QB lead his team back from an early 0-14 hole to beat Seattle.

Forum regulars will know that I'm a Green Bay Packers fan (partially due to some previous work I did with a Wisconsin based company) but mostly because of the truly unique ownership set-up that they have at Green Bay.

The Packers are an institution, owned by the fans, playing for the fans, and that should mean that the lack of finances hamstrings this team - but somehow Green Bay finds a way to compete.

Of course it helps if you have someone like Brett Favre making the calls on offense, and Favre is absolutely having a miracle season - could it end in a Super Bowl ring?

Instead of re-telling the story of this game - I recommend watching this 7 minute highlights section from Fox Sports on the NFL site.
(click play when you get there).

It was a magic day for the PACKERS and their very loyal fans.