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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Victor Chandler arrested in France ?

Victor Chandler still smilingNot as such it seems but it was a pretty close thing when Victor Chandler was attending the Arc de Triomphe race meeting at Longchamps on Sunday.

Victor Chandler, the head of the self titled betting company is one of the UK's leading bookmakers, was in discussions with the local Gendarmarie for allegedly taking bets on horses.

Mr Chandler and several other bookmakers were in a hospitality facility for British race fans organised by Horse Racing Abroad when the local police moved in.

The four bookmakers are alledged to have been found in possession of betting stubs and (ahem) bundles of large Euro bills. All four were questioned and later released, however they were ordered not to leave the country pending further investigation.

In a brief statement, a spokesman for Victor Chandler said, "Four people from Victor Chandler were questioned by French police on Monday in respect of various aspects regarding entertaining at Longchamps. They were subsequently released without charge."