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Monday, October 22, 2007

NFL : Round 7 Betting Sheet Review

So that was round seven done and dusted as we have no selections for the Monday night football game - lets see how it did.

MARVIN (Most Likely Banker Bets) ML
Correctly forecast that favoured sides, New England Pats, New York Giants, Washington Redskins and Seattle Seahawks would all win.

4-0 for the week, 400 units staked in total and a +84 unit profit.

You don't get rich playing banker bets - and we don't really recommend following Marvin - in fact we're surprised that he's managing to stay in profit.

ABE (ATS betting) ::::
Abe picked up wins with the Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs and half point losses with both Minnesota and New York Jets.

So 3-2 for the week, 500 points staked and a +73 unit profit.

VINCENT (Value Betting) ML
Value betting is taking longershot bets where you think a team is under-rated and genrally it means that you'll often be needing the last play of the game to go your way.

It wasn't looking pretty for Vincent early on - but both the Chicago Bears and and the Kansas City Chiefs came good for narrow wins.

Vincent finished 2-2 for the week, 400 points wagered and +152 points profit.

EDDIE (Extreme underdogs) ML
Our losing system this week was Eddie who finished just 1-4 with only the Buffalo Bills paying out.

The Miami bet was a bust early on, but the Jets and the Viks looked possible until getting into the 4th quarter and then were found wanting.

Just 1-4 this week, 500 points wagered, and a loss of -252 points.
Eddie is now 8-19 for the season and on a negative yield of -1%

We will be back with more next week.