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Monday, August 06, 2007

Community Shield : United win on pens

Well - that was actually quite a good game wasn't it?

Perhaps it was because the Community Shield doesn't really matter - or perhaps it was simply because both sides are better when they're attacking - but I cannot be the only one thinking that was the first time in a long while that a Chelsea v ManYoo game has lived up to the pre-match hype.

I know it only finished 1-1 - but both sides showed a willingness to try things - and that game was certainly a step up on the cup final. I've seen that the mainstream media have not been too impressed with it all and I do wonder if they were watching the football or boozing at the bar.

United seemed to have a better shape about them despite not having Anderson, Owen Hargreaves and Carlos Tevez in the side - and Ryan Giggs still has his spark. Rooney was argumentitive and Ronaldo - well he certainly likes a stepover or six ...

Still there is little doubt United were the dominant side - mind you Chelsea were missing John Terry, Didier Drogba, Claude Makelele, Salomon Kalou, Michael Ballack, Andriy Shevchenko, Wayne Bridge and Paolo Ferreira who were all out of the squad.

With that in mind probably the scariest thing for the other 18 teams in the Premier League was that this match showed the strength in depth of both of these clubs - I'd fear to think what Arsenal's team would be like with 8 injuries.

Just 6 days to go until the English Premier league season kicks off then - how's your team looking?