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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Can you feel the tension midweek ?

Here we are on Wednesday afternoon - and I'm knee-deep in computer code and related work tasks which is probably just as well or else I'd be wasting all my time thinking about Arsenal Football Club and the start of the season.

They've got Fulham at the Emirates this weekend - a match that usually suits Arsenal well enough and I've opened my English Premier League previews for the weekend with a pick for a 3-1 win to the Gunners.

The team are talking the talk - well Robin Van Persie and William Gallas mostly - and Wenger has also chimed in saying that they want to put a better title challenge together - and to my mind that must mean focusing on getting maximum points for the season opening game at home.

We will see - but I am looking forward to the game - nervously like almost every fan - but with expectations of an improved showing this season.

I notice there is a bit of Sunderland baiting going on in the forum - mainly from Newcastle fans ... ;-) ... and also a bit of optimism from Spurs and Birmingham fans looking for their team to suprise the critics.

As far as the site previews go, we will sit down on Thursday evening and do the research and post a few more previews and we should have 5-6 there ready for Friday morning with all the odds for you to check out over morning tea.

Right I'd better get on with some paying work - catch ya later.