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Friday, June 08, 2007

Internet Gambler wins GBP 2,000,000

An internet gambler has scooped the UK's highest ever online jackpot - winning £2,058,888 from the comfort of his own PC at home.

The man who lives in Birmingham, won the record-breaking prize while playing on slot machines on Littlewoods' Millionaires Club.

The punter - who has chosen to remain anonymous apart from disclosing his online username, Mojo - won a progressive jackpot which had been accruing in value for about two years.

He bravely passed through three bonus rounds - at which point he could have lost his entire winnings - before scooping the amazing jackpot.

In a statement issued by the online casino, he said: "I'm ecstatic to win such an amazing amount from playing online slots. I came back to their casino last month after an 18-month break and I'm so glad I did."